"we are doing dance fusion" or "fusion dance," also "complete fusion" or "contemporary fusion" of dance
or related movement, and the like. Literal ”fusion” of dance destroys the forms with which the creation of a new composite entity is attempted. IF THE RESULT OF THE ATTEMPT is not a complete mess, or another affront to multiethnic groups, but a dance that is attractive and entertaining to most of the beholders, it was not achieved through ”fusion" but rather through natural and experimental means as adaptation, arrangement and choreography--plain oId, time-honored stuff through which most dance, from classical to avant-garde, is made. The cause and effect aspects of this are explained under ”Trademark Warning” (or "Legal Notice”), "Lecture Demo...” and "...Identity Theft" and related links in the page A/1 upper left text box, also the "old” web site.

THE REASON WHY Dr. Fogarassy's fusion trademarks are still imitated by others is that at one time, as explained in the "...Identity Theft” article, a rush of infringements were encouraged by specifiable media and it still has not worn off. No surprise, because the marks are probably among the most attractive word relationships ever innovated to denote something. People were clamouring to grab them as their own without any credit to, or recognition of their source, Dr. Fogarassy. Otherwise they couId not have used his marks without his permission or license (see Licensing elsewhere in this web site). Besides monetary benefits, they aimed to gain prestige and honor by expropriating his marks. You can make sure their ultimate share will be the opposite, simply by supporting Dr. Fogarassy’s Programs.


THEREFORE It is not merely by rules and laws that offenders shouId be judged, but by standards of common decency held by the community where the offenders and their supporters live off their offense.


LIVING OFF ANOTHER PERSON’S PROPERTY without his/her knowledge or consent, may not be excused by claims to availability, fairness and ”bona fide" use. "SELLING," "BUYING," REGISTERING," "OWNING" or otherwise dispossessing others of their intellectual property, by any other name, constitutes stealing and causes INTELLECTUAL TERRORIST DAMAGE to lives and livelihoods. Culprits must CEASE and DESIST and transfer the property back to its rightful owner. They should pick other terms which do not violate any prior rights.


The Style Warrior as Dr. Fogarassy's NATIONAL DEFENSE DIVERSITY TRAINING PROGRAM is movement-based and

rendered as cultural and artistic diversity, cross-training and performance in the forms of DANCE and related AEROBICS/EXERCISE, CREATIVE, MUSICAL and THEATRE MOVEMENT. The program is attentive to, and draws from both general and specific background of the participants through Its vast range of forms and variations of dance and related movement. Specific creators, pioneers and other exponents, many of them former teachers of Dr. Fogara ssy, are credited by name with respect to their work, life and identity. By retracing every move to its communal or individual originator, giving credit where credit is due, a high respect for intellectual property is also instilled in the participants. This is part of being a Style Warrior.


THE PROGRAM at its social-recreational leveI for youths and adults of target populations is a tough, diverse, challenging yet FUN workout. Training teachers to teach at the same leveI is comparable. Intensifying this at the higher levels, for either teaching or performance or both, is a gruelling but most rewarding task that can be approached for counter terrorism or purely on a so called "I'art pour I'art" basis for professional stylistic versatility. Combining the two approaches can give you the meanest Style Warrior to fight conventional and intellectual terrorism. [Or just do it purely for the art].


"ONE MAN'S TERRORIST IS ANOTHER MAN'S FREEDOM FIGHTER!"Therefore be sure you know the difference and abide by it. Otherwise, Dr. Fogarassy’s Program is NEUTRAL. This program welcomes all parties. It is built on the common ground of universal principles of movement . It provides clues to conflict resolution and tolerance. The key to this is physically experiencing and learning to appreciate the DIFFERENCES IN LIGHT OF THE SIMILARITIES between people as between their movement forms: jazz; modern/creative/rhythms; folk/ethnic; classical and character ballet; theatre and musical movement; hip-hop/funk/club/street jazz; Afro/Haitian-American; social/ballroom/Dance Sport-- modern and Latin-American; fencing/period dancing and mime; aerobics/exercise with Marshall Arts elements; variations within much of the foregoing. FORMS ARE FEATURED singly, or interrelated for comparative analysis and thereby quicker and easier learning and more dynamic and diverse performance. This, through Dr. Fogarassy’s CHOREOLOGY and CHOREOGRAPHY, is part of the symbolism of his trademarks that imitators misconstrued as generic "fusion." They pretended to know better than he, the source, what his trademarks were supposed to mean—in order to capitalize on them.

FIGHT TERRORISM BY DANCING?! A JOKE FOR YOUR PARTY GATHERINGS AND PARLIAMENTARY RECEPTIONS? Don’t knock it, try it! Early 1980's New York City gangs of youths started settling their differences by BREAKDANCING. It could not prevent September 11, 2001 and comparable events before and after, but it proved that differences can be settled constructively by movement. Anyone inclined toward ridiculing the idea should think of such cultural exchange programs as the Kirov and Bolshoi Ballet perorming in the USA and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in the former Soviet Union, and Dr. Fogarassy teaching and performing American dance forms like a „Trojan Horse” in Hungary at the height of the cold war. [See his Cultural Guard 1980 issues available]. The principle involved here, that should not escape anyone, is that: SETTLING DIFFERENCES BY ANY CONSTRUCTIVE MEANS is the key to counteracting terrorism in the long run. Dr. Gusztav Fogarassy, Ph.D.—by 1984 the oldest breakdancer in the USA—has, ever since the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight, continued fighting cultural and artistic oppression, discrimination, artistic elitism and dictatorship of taste on both sides of the former Iron Curtain. As a teacher-trainer public university Professor for 28 years, now independent, he has the qualifications to train and license you for use of any of his trademarks and underlying materials through his traveling Virtual University of Dance®, or help you benefit in other appropriate ways from his programs.





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