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Dr. Gusztav Fogarassy’s FUSION®, DANCEFUSION®, FUSION DANCE®, FUSIONDANCER® brand name cultural and artistic diversity services and products. The real thing, not the deceptions by trademark imitators.

The originalwith motto, trade names and all— has been constantly updated since its futuristic innovation beginning in 1966.   The motto, “Breaking the Style Barrier!” leads to “Diversified Dance,” which equalizes the promotion and recognition of artistry from two points of view:  populism versus elitism.  Fogarassy coined the fusion-brand names as symbols of uniting these points of view, warning the dance industry that if ripped-off and applied generically, the “fusion” component can melt down this unity into a messy cultural graveyard. The more often that an extraneous element is introduced into a form, the closer it gets to being buried there. His warning was ignored by the infringers, plagiarizers, identity thieves, and violators of professional ethics—some of them his own colleagues internationally. They falsely used his uniquely coined, attractive brand names to make them look like “common terms,” thereby trying to profiteer from this.  They are liable for the resultant abusive and confusing practices and the obfuscation of viable dance forms as seen on the internet and off-line. “Cease and Desist!”  Fogarassy’s flaming action figure depicts his firm resolve to stop this by prosecuting for liabilities as Pro Se Attorney International but also offering the alternative of licensing the use of his fusion marks to anyone rejecting programmatic or other unlicensed use and willing to promote novel combinations without ruining what gave birth to them, the viable genres which inspire new forms and constructive diversity.


Since 1966, Fogarassy has envisioned a much needed standard of clarity for diversity in dance through his unique training theory and practice.  As early as 1958, he started developing a pre-curser that his latter-day teacher trainees called a method under his former artist name, Varga.  Still going strong, he offers clearly delineated forms and related movements, both singly and concentrated into choreography, routines, to help the amateur and professional dancers acquire or maintain creativity, cultural and artistic diversity, technical and stylistic versatility, and health and fitness without being forced to take separate classes in each form at places often located miles apart. It saves some wear and tear and time and money


Without clarity of forms there can be no constructive interrelatedness. The Fogarassy exercises provide full range, coordination and control of motion for properly aligning joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles to help prevent the debilitating consequences of misalignment due to non-interrelated workout. For aspiring and accomplished artists, whether children or adults, Fogarassy has created a wide choice of levels and lengths of warm-ups, which both maintain strength and flexibility and provide performance-oriented routines or concert studies. These  accommodate available space, time, effort and complexity needs from living room and small studio conditions to the physical and artistic demands of diversified dance on the grand stages of the greatest dance theatres of the world. Nothing is “fused”—as stated before. Forms are interrelated comparatively to emphasize the values of both contradistinction and similarity.  Thereby participants and audiences learn to tolerate and even appreciate the quality and state of being different constructively rather than destructively, as in passing-off another’s designation as one’s own, thereby destroying it for the originator’s purposes. This is intellectual terrorism (as first defined by Dr. Fogarassy), akin to conventional terrorism: bullying and other violent behavior. Both forms of terrorism may be preventable through the study of dance as proposed herein by Dr. Fogarassy, professional dancer-teacher for 12 years, followed by another 28 years as a university professor in diversified dance, and now independent again as a “one-man Virtual University of Dance®.”

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